NFC powered arduino

Hi everyone,

For one of my projects, I want to update an e-paper with arduino (like this waveshare e-paper: But for personal needs, i can't take this one)

So I want to give with my phone enough power to the NFC to power the arduino (by let the phone on the nfc during the process) so I ask you if it's possible and if some of you have solutions for that.
Thanks to everyone who take or took time for helping me !
Have a good day !

That screen can be driven direct from the phone, if it has NFC built in, as its micro-power.

I don't get what you are trying to do - Arduinos are not micropower devices when running.

Micropower "means very little power indeed" (less than can light an LED for instance).

I try to find how it works, better for me if I can do without arduino for sure

Well it clearly doesn't need an Arduino, if you watch the video!