NFC Shield V2.1

I’m currently trying to using the shield NFC SHIELD V2.1 developed by seed studio. I’m using the card Arduino mega 2560 with the processor at mega 2560.

My objective is to send an NDEF message from the Arduino, in order to receipt and print the NDEF message on my Samsung Galaxy J6 ( on NFC tools). I downloaded the library available on the seeed studio web site and use the example code provide by seed studio to write an NDEF message (attachement).

I saw on the NFC SHIELD’s data sheet that the NFC standard use is ISO01443A, unfortunately NFC tools receive an “FeliCa tag” and therefor don’t print the NDEF message.

So my question is: Why my phone receive an FeliCa tag? How to solve this problem in order to print the NDEF message


emulate_tag_ndef.ino (1.64 KB)