I'm currently trying to send data between an Arduino Mega and an Android phone ( galaxy J6) with NFC.
I use the seeed studio's shield: " NFC Shield V2.1".

I use the exemple download on the seeed studio's wiki website name " P2P_Send.ino" (look in the attachments).

But, it's write on this library that the maximum of data send at the same times is 250 bytes.

So my question is: is there any way to send about 1K or 2K bytes at the same times with an seeed studio's NFC shield V2.1 to an android phone ?

Thanks you :slight_smile:

P2P_Send.ino (1016 Bytes)

You should not use that library on an AVR Arduino as it uses malloc() and the String class extensively. It will have several copies of the payload data in memory and every AVR processor will run out of memory soon. You might get a Mega to produce a 1k message once but that will not run reliably as memory will fragment fast and sooner or later you will see unpredictable behavior because of memory shortages.