NFC system using arduino uno

I have a project to design NFC transceiver system. I plan to use arduino uno as micro controller instead of the one shown in the circuit.

Are there programs available for arduino uno to work in the circuit shown?
I dont know how to write code for arduino or for micro controllers.

I am trying to make this project.

I had posted before but did not explain properly.


Very loose definitions for 'make' and 'design' there, friend. Prev poster is spot on.

I would suggest, you better identify the components, for e.g. the NFC Transceiver. Mostly the speck will show how to establish the communication to the device, it can be Serial or I2C or SPI or whatever means.

As you stated, you dont have much experience in coding. So you might need to start with small code which can receive and respond to serial data. You can simulate Serial communication via Serial monitor comes with Arduino IDE.