NFCPN532 I2C working on Arduino Uno not on Arduino Micro

I bought an Arduino Micro and I want to use it with a PN532 from elechouse.
I plugged it with I2C (SDA/SDL on pin 2 and 3) and set the NFC module in I2C mode.
To test the whole thing I uploaded the example (iso14443a_uid) to just read a tag and in the serial monitor it stay stuck at "Waiting for an ISO14443A card".
I check the wiring, everything seems correct, so I tried on my Arduino Uno, and it worked, I managed to read a tag.
Is there something to setup to make the Arduino Micro working with I2C?

PS : I tried with I2C and SPI with the PN532.

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile: