NFL Fantasy Football - Location LED, Coutdown Timer, Wireless Remote Draft Board

I need a lot of help....

I am dreaming up a gigantic sized draft board for the upcoming 2016 season and have a few crazy ideas, but no clue on how to start the implementation process of all the ideas i have to put into this board and still keeping the cost as low as possible. (Wireless Timer & LED Lights)

-The board will be around 7ft wide x 8ft tall, made of shed steel

-There will be 12 columns and 15 rows (the 12 columns are the people drafting players, the 15 rows are the rounds in the draft Example Draft Board: ... _board.png this example only has nine rows, but you get the idea)

-If you look at the image above, there are rotating arrows shifting left or right for each round. This is called a Snake Draft; if you picked last in the first round you pick first in the second round. So round 1 player 12 selects the 12th pick, then they select again for the 13th pick which is the start of round 2. Same thing for player 1 in the second round with the 24th pick and then 25th pick, and so on each round.

What I am trying to do
-LED countdown timer that is on a remote control that can be programmed to reset back to 1min 30sec for each pick
-If the timer hits zero I would like it to play a sound file (anything i choose for the sound)
-Ability to pause, start, reset the timer with remote....always back to 1min 30 sec for reset. "NEXT button" would be needed to
-If a player chooses their pick quickly and we do not need timer to go the full 1min 30sec then we can hit NEXT (or similar function) on the remote and it would restart the timer and move to the next "square" (squares defined below)
Second - Would be wired into the clock
-When next is hit I would like to have a light at the top of each column that is programmed to understand the snake draft. Example: if i am on pick #1 and hit next, the timer restarts, and the light above the column changes from column 1 to column 2. Then on the snake picks the light only blinks but stays put and resets the timer until it is hit again then works the top column of lights backwards back to #1
Third - Also wired with the timer and the column lights
-I would like to drill a hole for each of the squares on the board (180 squares) and place independently controlled lights behind each hole. All wired into the next button.
-when you hit next, the timer resets to 1min 30sec, the column light at the top changes to the person picking and then lastly the "Square" where the pick is currently active would light up. When next is hit again same thing happens but the column light at the top moves one spot and the light in the squares move one spot (all dependent on the snake draft rules)
-So if you are on pick #90 there will be a light roughly placed in the middle of the board that lights up.

I would love to attempt this as a DIY and I have all Summer to do this until the end of August, but I have no idea where to start or what to buy. I'm trying to keep this cost effective and I have two raspberry pi's just sitting around one is a RPI-1 and one is RPI2-B. I am willing to buy an Arduino if need be, or maybe none of those if there is something that makes more sense for this.

Obviously I need all the LED's and something to make the Countdown Timer out of (LED's?), then something to program the lighting order and the clock functions with sound. All with being able to use a wireless remote too....

I have Googled this a lot and I know it's doable, but there are so many options i do not know where to start. Not sure what language to code in either (not the best at that, but i can pull long hours to figure it out).

IF someone is willing to guide me in parts purchase (parts are a biggie) and possibly code ideas or links to examples I would forever be grateful........anyone have anything for me?

Bullet notes:

• LED Countdown Timer
o Ability to play sound file (Stored on SD card?)
o pause timer
o reset timer back to 90 sec
o next button to move to ‘next’ pick in draft, resets clock to 90 secs
o back button
o wireless remote option
• Location LEDs
o 12 LEDs at the top of board, one for each player
 LED for each column moves based on the pick below
 If you are on pick 12 the LED is on for column 12, then when you hit next the LED on the board drops down one square to pick 13 and the top LED blinks on column 12 and stays put for that pick
• This continues for column 1 and 12 only as this is a “Snake Draft”
o 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
o 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13
o 180 LEDs in the body of the board
 Each pick is represented by and LED
 Next button moves the LED to the next pick number in the draft
 Back button moves the LED back one spot
 Reset and Pause keeps the LED where it is at
• Wireless Remote
o Next -Moves Column LED 1 spot left or right depending on location of number of pick on the board (lines up with that pick
o Pause – Stops 90 sec clock
o Reset – Keeps LED’s where they are and resets only the 90 sec clock
o Back – Moves LED’s back one pick number/column number and resets 90 sec clock
o Start Button? – Starts the entire draft with draft pick #1
o Finish Button? – Ends draft, lights up all lights to show a “finish”

What height/width are each digit?
I have a board that can support up to 12 7-seven segment displays, can use the 8th segment of each for the active & next indicator, or use the 96 outputs from another board to drive the individual LEDs.

Here is one card driving 8 custom digits, I made an adapter board to connect to the 2x8 connector on the back of them.

And a youtube clip showing 5 digits being tested with a simple remote control.

Can use 15 boards, each driving 12 digits vertically for example.


What is your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?
We need to know so as to work out what level of information you will need.

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Hi CrossRoads and TomGeorge!

CrossRoads - The size of the digits i think will be about the same as your TOP numbers in your video, nice job by the way....that is exactly the kind of ease i am looking for when i want to control the timer.

TomGeorge - I am a newbie, with a little experience in programming python, java, C#, JavaScript and HTML. As for hardware I am "fresh out of the box", yet i learn quickly and i am willing to put in the man hours on this.

What board should I purchase to get this started?