nfr24l01+ questions

I've been toying around with a few wifi modules and the RF24 library testing a few examples.

Had a few questions: 1) Can an arduino connect directly to the computer via wifi, or do you have to have another arduino with a serial connection that communicates with the remote arduino?

2) In the RF24 library examples (GettingStarted and PingPong), I never could either board to work off the 9v battery power? They both only seemed to work when connected via serial to the computer? Any ideas what could cause that problem?

3) Lastly, I've tried maniacbug's tutorials, and wanted to know if there were any really thorough and informative tutorials that go into explaining the radio code. I'd like to be able do something really simple. Like hook up a thermometer to one arduino board, and be able to see what the temperature reads either directly on my computer or through the serial monitor. So any tutorial like that would be awesome.


The arduino can connect to a router or ap and adhoc may be posable although I've never tried.

There is probibly something in the sketch waiting for a serial connection.

Have you looked at these