nfr24L01 re-assigning pins

Hey folks, I'm about to embark on another nrf24 journey, and to maintain overall neatness of my PCB, it would be convenient for me to re-assign a an arduino pin for the NRF24L01, and I'm not sure how to go about it. Looks like this has been discussed in this forum before, but it always seems to stop just short of actual instructions as to how to do this.

Where are these pins assigned? Can't seem to find them in the libraries.

In short, the SCK pin for the radio wants to use pin 13 on the arduino, I would like to change it to use pin 8. Is this possible to do without getting into bit-banging? Not even sure how to go about bit-banging, or what it really means.

Thanks, Waxhead

You MUST use the MOSI MISO and SCK pins - 11, 12 and 13 as they are the SPI pins on an Uno and Nano. You can use any pins for CE and CSN but even if you are not using it for the nRF24 you MUST have pin 10 set as OUTPUT.

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