Nick Gammon

Anybody know what happened to Nick Gammon? I have not seen a post since February. I tried to send a PM to him to see if he was ok, but got this message when I tried:

User 'Nick Gammon' has blocked your personal message.

I still use his "blink without delay" code. I miss reading his stuff.

Nick Gammon appers to be alive and well and posted a reply on his forum earlier today:

I guess he got tired of answering questions in the Arduino forums.

Thanks, John. I guess you may be correct. I miss his contributions here.

I miss him to.

A great loss to the forum and the community. Nick produced a great body of work, I hope he keeps his web site up.

As pointed out a year ago: i appreciated Nick’s contributions very much.

Sometime early this year, a moderator mentioned the loss of a fellow moderator due to lack of support (may i add: to say the least and to keep being polite) from the Arduino core team.
I read that (and other posts over the last year) as a total lack of interest towards the forum, and moderators that have to steer the forum without sufficient rights to do that job.

I can count (i’ve got at least two fingers), so it’s not hard to find which of the moderators was lost this way.
And a big loss it is, to all of this community.
I’m not disrespecting any of the past, present or future moderators, but i think this needs to be said.
Even if some or all of the moderators might have decided to not make an issue out of this in order to keep the peace over here.

I have some experience in moderating on a board (not even close to what’s going on over here), and i know that if you are serious about that (like anything) and get no support at all, things will be very hard to get done.
Choosing to stop moderating that board would mean stopping any activity at all over there, as each and every visit to the board will be a painful reminder of you putting your soul into it, and some founder of that board (who rarely offers an actual contribution anymore) can’t be bothered to give a sh** about such dedication.

Nick, if you are still visiting this board, let me tell you once again: your contributions to this community will not be forgotten and certainly are appreciated very, very much.
They are of great help to anybody looking for some guidance.
There are lots of people doing a great job over here and i do not want to skip them.
But still:

Nick, we miss you !

Please don’t leave the community if you ever thought of doing so.

MAS3: Nick, we miss you !

Please don't leave the community if you ever thought of doing so.



PS, @MAS3 +10 for your whole post. ...R

Just like to say that I miss him too. While I understand why he left, things are finally moving on that front and progress has been made and is already in place.

I just had this really weird feeling like I'd fallen into a time warp or something, but it does indeed appear that Nick is back on the forum today. Welcome back Nick, you were certainly missed!

Welcome back nick :smiley:
I hope you are back to stay

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your kind comments.

I have indeed been taking a bit of a break from this forum, for reasons that MAS3 fairly accurately guessed.

This is an appropriate time to say "thanks" to everyone who has been supportive of my efforts, which include all the moderators and pretty-much all of the frequent posters here.

Let me tell you a funny (true) story that happened to me just last night ...

I was picking up my son from his year 12 school formal (dance) at around 2 AM this morning. In the car were also his date and another guy, a friend of both of them.

During the drive to take them home we were making small conversation, when the friend revealed he was studying Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn (Victoria, Australia), doing robotics. Now this sounded interesting so I asked if they used microprocessors.

"Yes," he said.

"What sort?" I ask.

"They are made by Atmel," he replies.

"What part number?" I ask, trying to get more information out of him. :)

"A-T-M-E-G-A-3-2-8" he spells out for me.

Cool, I thought, looks like I stumbled across a random Arduiono enthusiast when I least expected to.

It turns out that they are making maze-solving robots as part of their Uni course, with the Arduino as being the core of the project. Further conversation revealed he had a 3D printer at home which he had made himself, with the Arduino being the controller for it. And he had a Raspberry Pi.

Interesting, isn't it, that you can find a fellow Arduino user "in the wild"? It doesn't happen that often to me, I must admit.

BTW I wouldn't mind seeing this 3D printer. I might get inspired to make my own. ;)

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Hey Nick, welcome back. Spam seems to be more under control these days. Usually 8) MrsCrossRoads was talking Arduino projects (or our book) with one of our fencer's parents, also an engineer, led to discussing our son who was just finishing up 2nd year college at engineering school, led to phone interview and summer job doing java programming for network server stuff. They were quite impressed with his work and have asked if could come back next summer too. I even got him to write a java program for me that can take patterns from an excel file and export to an array I can cut & paste into a sketch to display on the 9x9x9 LED cube we are making (2 more layers to go!).

Welcome back, Nick !

Glad to see you back, Nick! Don't let the spammers and complainers grind you down. The rest of us appreciate what you do for our community. :)

[quote author=Nick Gammon]Cool, I thought, looks like I stumbled across a random Arduino enthusiast when I least expected to. [/quote] I wonder if that young guy knows how lucky he is to know you.

Hi everyone!!!

I am currently working on a project, i go straight ahead sirs...

I just want to display my received sms into my monitor,lcd monitor using vga, how will i do that, i am having trouble with sprintf();please help me

jomarfaye: Hi everyone!!!

I am currently working on a project, i go straight ahead sirs...

I just want to display my received sms into my monitor,lcd monitor using vga, how will i do that, i am having trouble with sprintf();please help me

See: Is my signature difficult to understand?

This guy is now the third one today.

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i am having trouble with sprintf();please help me

No code. Do description of what the trouble is. Nothing but a demand for help.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

God Bless Nick Gammon!

All I can say is: to the folks who can't be bothered to read the how to posts, or even take a minute to familiarize themselves to the forum, good luck with instructables. Y'all deserve each other.

On the other hand, if you put in at least a modicum of effort, the Arduino world will open up to you through this forum.


After my last PM interaction with Nick I have to say I have a VERY different opinion of him. I will just leave it at that. If Mr. Gammon cares he can contact me again. But last time we interacted he was quite the jerk and gave me a lot of flak over things he didn't even know what had gone on and hadn't even read the posts or seen the issue. Just floated in and picked a side (the side of a convicted pedophile) and made his decision with zero knowledge of what had really transpired. And while another mod was actually dealing with the situation in an appropriate way. Not the behavior of one I'd like to praise.

Through all of that only one mod CB ever stopped to ask what I was so upset about. He is the only one who acted like an authority figure. He is the only one who deserved any praise out of that.

I'll probably get banned for this post again. I know you guys handle dissent about as well as the North Korean government.