Nicla Sense ME address pins

Hey guys,

I have a simple question: How am I supposed to address the pins of the board? Is there a pinout with the specific number of the pin?

There is a pinout document but it does not contain any pin numbers...only the function like SPI COPI etc. In the Cheat cheat is described how to configure the pins but not how to address them. They use a variable for the pin called "pin" but they don't show the initialization of this variable.

Am I missing something?

By the way I want to connect a rotary encoder to the board.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There is a pin mapping here:

I was able to do a blink on pin 10 (A0), but didn't have success on some other random pins I tried. I didn't have a lot of time to investigate this thing so I might have just fumbled it.


Cool, thanks a lot!. But actually i was not able to get it working. Reading from those pins is strangely inconsistent, like if when reading from a multipurpose pin like GPIO1/TX it is actually using it as Tx.

I will try to investigate this deeper. But thanks again for the headstart :slight_smile:

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