Nidec BLDC position control

Hello guys,

I got from a old scanner different models of nidec bldc motor, I’m planning to use them in a robot arm.
It has a circuit board with them.

does The board itself have any application?
how do I control it’s position like a stepp motor?

Picture of one of the motosr:

Link of one of them:


Bruno Oliveira

Most of the ones I have here use a hall effect for RPM count.
That is usually the best you will get out of most of these motors as they are not designed even close to a stepper motor.

If you really want to build a robotic arm the servos or steppers are a much better option.
At least you will be able to get positions out of them.
For absolute positioning you also need a closed loop type of motor which you can get with stepper motors.

The hall sensors are typically used to commutate the motor, there's probable a driver chip nearby on a pcb. With
proprietry machines like scanners and printers there's little chance of getting any information from the
manufacturers about the comms interface to the motor section, unless the driver chip is identifiable and comes
with datasheet.

However with a working device you can try to reverse engineer the signals going to the driver chip from the
scanner's controller board.

Its probably common for hall signals to be relayed back to the controller directly as this functions as an encoder.