Night vision with ArduCam OV5642


I try to take pictures in night with infrared leds but a pink halo appears. Someone knows how can I configure the sensor to have a good picture ?




The spot can be an out-of-focus piece of lint on the lens. The pink cast depends somewhat on the spectral output of the IR LED, a possible lens filter, and the response of the camera sensor.

Are you using the camera module alone or one mounted on a breakout board?

Which Arduino are you using?

Which library are you using?

I use the camera module with the multi-cam shield. I use an Arduino uno and work with ArduCam lib

OK, I'm trying to work with just the module via I2C. There is no library that works with that setup or the Teensy V3.6.

Good luck.

I have changed the lens and it work :slight_smile:

What are the markings on the lens that works and where did you get one? I need to do the same thing.