NINA WIFI Image data output to FPGA

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to design "image processing use FPGA"

I will use the drone and I will install the camera to drone.
And the image data which were captured by camera will be sent to NINA-w102 in MKR VIDOR 4000 by using WI-FI.

This image data will be sent to FPGA from NINA-W102 (using serial interface, i planned SPI because of speed) and image processing(Brightness Control or Contrast Stretching, and so on) in FPGA using verilog.

What I'm curious about is,,,,,

  1. I know that the data is compressed when the image data is sent to the wifi. Raw data is required for FPGA processing, does this MKR-VIDOR 4000 have the ability to decode compressed image files?

  2. Is it okay to use the serial transfer interface when sending image data from NINA-W102 to FPGA? (In terms of speed, I am worried.)

  3. How should I send it to my PC when I finish the image process with FPGA? HDMI or SDRAM -> USB path?

I will definitely use a drone. It will also make sure to do image processing through FPGA.
If it is not appropriate to use this part, please recommend another one.

Thank you and I hope you have a peaceful day.

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