nintendo switch set arduino leonardo to make it perform automatic key loops

Hello to all
please help me.

final goal: that arduino automatically play pokemon on the nintendo switch with the series of keys that i told it to do, looped forever.

yesterday i purchased an arduino leonardo, I would like to understand how to set up the arduino and make it play alone at the switch …

i have a pc with windows 10, i don’t have mac nor linux, is it possible to make it?

I have been looking for google guides and tips for days but I always find myself in github which makes me download files that windows does not open like joystick.h or other…

is there any guide explaining how to set the series of keys that must press in a loop forever?
thank you

I made the zelda snowball, but I would like to understand two thing,

  1. when joystick.c says "// Non-strike alternative flow, cancel bail and rethrow" arduino understand this thing or was it just written to make us understand?

  2. when there are the strings "{NOTHING, 450}" or "{NOTHING, 100}" 450 and 100 how long does it refer in real?

Hey I saw your zelda snow ball project I was wondering if you could help me get started on a similar project I’m trying to do for Pokemon sword and shield. If you could help what would be the best way for us to talk?