Nintendo touch panel, ffc -4 pin .5mm pitch too small

I am designing a television / cable box remote control for seniors and handicap. They often struggle with buttons, which often get dirty, spilled in, clogged, etc... So I researched touch screens, and came up with this device, for my prototype concept:

Nintendo DS touch screen panel

Does anyone else have better suggestions ? I would just like a flat panel which is easy to clean like any glass or plastic surface. A simple finger touch to toggle buttons - that is durable and reliable.

you mean something like this,

If you look hard enough and get them in many sizes.

Personally, I would rather use a smart phone, paired with an Arduino, through Bluetooth. alternatively you can use a touchscreen display. Then you could have as many buttons as you need, of any size you need. but a smart phone is cheaper, and is more versatile. And you do not need to design everything from scratch. another benefit, it would not be one-size-fits-all. You could use a 10 inch tablet, if needed.

Promacjoe: Thank you for the hardware suggestion. That looks like it comes with the same .5mm pitch leads that I have a history with destroying. But it's interesting to see options, and I want to try different sizes.

A tablet interface touchscreen is good for my autonomous vehicle ground station control panel. You may have missed the part of my message that explains - for THIS project, is designed for SENIORS and HANDICAP, who are often easily confused by new technology. I want to help them watch TV in comfort without struggling with the 50 buttons on their remotes that are too hard for them press.

Also - Where are you buying a smart phone which that is CHEAPER? My build of materials so far is $2.00 touch panel, arduino nano, battery, uv-led, connectors, wires and a box.