Nintendo Touch Screen Dimensions and Finishing Bezel or Frame.

Summary: Touch Screen Bezel and Dimension Drawing is HERE.
Prototyping with these very cheap and functional Nintendo touch screens has been a lot of fun.
The first try, I soldered directly to the leads, under a microscope of course :wink:
Now there are connectors with breakout boards to ease the pain of that tiny flex.
In fact, you could even build many project boxes with an Arduino providing the smarts and the Touch Panel being easily reconfigured for any application!
I for one, am NOT good at carving out project box panels with switches and sliders laid-out neatly.
That was the missing part in using these in an enclosure…

The drawing is from caliper measurements and the Bezel is from those measurements modeled in 3D to provide a neat frame to the screen.

With a cheap touch screen and a good bezel (frame), all that is needed is a rough rectangle cut-out and a slot for the flex to pass though and you get a professional finished modern interface!

The dimensional drawing is attached and the Bezel can be found (3D Printed) at: Search “WidgetWizard” or “Nintendo Touch Screen Bezel”


Nintendo_TouchScreenBezel_hobby.PDF (134 KB)