Nintendo Wii Nunchuck problems I can't figure out.


I have currently been trying to figure out ways how to use my Nunchuck as a mouse, and I have found a website:

But the problem is, I have it hooked up with cables instead of the adapter which you can buy here:
WiiChuck Adapter - DEV-09281 - SparkFun Electronics.

But, I don't want to purchase it, because I don't want to wait for the shipment to come in etc.

Now, everytime I put in the code, and I move the nunchuck, the mouse just doesn't move.

Thanks in advance!

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that could be any number of issues.

To start the troubleshooting, try loading up the example sketch included with the nunchuck library, open up the serial monitor, and see if you're getting anything from the nunchucks accelerometer.


Thanks for your reply, I shall give it a go!

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