NIOS-II Debug Configuration - Can't Set Project Name

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I thought I would try this here - I've been able to get one of the projects (graphics) to load under the NIOS-II Eclipse debugger - and when setting the Debug Configuration - I can see the USB Blaster (note I did enable SignalTap) - but I can't set the Project Name - a little red asterisk shows in the debug configuration upper left window pane - so the debug session can't commence.

I've read all I can find on this in the Intel/Altera docs - AFAIK I've followed all of those instructions.

Has anyone else seen this that's trying to run the debugger? I wonder why it appears to be so difficult to set the project name when the project has a name.

I did catch a quick message that said the reason the debugger wouldn't start is because the project name wasn't set in the debug configuration. I tried hitting tab, up/down arrow, space, etc to no avail to get the project name drop down box to be able to be edited/filled.

This should be possible with the lite tools - there's no licensing anymore apparently with the NIOS-II Eclipse-based embedded toolkit other than enabling some of the IP like transceiver debuggging.

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in order to debug using eclipse you have to import the project into eclipse as a nios project as eclipse allows debugging either external elf files or files generated via projects in the workspace.

to import a project and its bsp you have to select file->import->import NIOS IISoftware Build Tools project


I was trying this initially on the peripherals build; when I tried the graphics build - it worked - so, I will try to determine why it didn't work on the peripherals build.


Also - the issue was with pointing the import at the correct place - like ..._graphics and ..._peripherals.
I was pulling the ..._lite_xx dir in - and it wouldn't populate the Project entry in the debug configuration.

Easy to goof that in the current directory configuration.