Nixie clock work in progress

This is a prototyping setup of a nixie clock I am making. The two breadboards and the arduino screwed to the dvd case are only there so I can test my code without levering the chip out of my arduino every five minutes and won't be in the final project. The rest will be crammed into an empty clock case that I have.

Clockwise from the left, in-12b nixie tubes stuck temporarily though a bit of cardboard, a horrible ratsnest of wires going to a board with 6 k155id1 driver chips, the prototyping rig set up with three 74hc595 shift registers and my precious arduino, the main board with a DS1307 RTC and shift registers on it, and finally a switch mode power supply based on a 555 chip. In the middle you may also notice a Sure PIR board that will enable me to shut the tubes down when there is nobody in the room.

Here we have the bottom of the driver board. I have just started doing PCBs using UV sensitive boards and my own homemade UV box, and I am very pleased with how well the technique works. Lightyears ahead of my early days of marking circuits out by hand with a marker pen.

and the underside of the main board.

The fogging is from the laquer I have sprayed on it and the flash from the camera.

Incidentally, I am having a couple of minor issues getting it working 100% so if anyone can help me out, I have a thread going at Arduino Forum