NKC Electronics Freeduino Serial v2.0

Hello, I am new to the Arduino and thusly this forum. I have purcahsed a Freeduino Serial v2.0 from NKC Electronics and after many failed attempts with the latest Arduino IDE (0022 at the time of this post) I finally realized that right on their website it states that version 0013 is required. I downloaded 0013 and things started to work right away.

My first question to the forum is does this mean I am stuck with 0013 for the life of this board/IC/Arduino or is there something I can or would need to upgrade in order to use versions other than 0013. A project I am working on requires 0017 or later and I am concerned that I may not be able to use this Arduino for my purpose. I am hoping that there is a way to upgrade whatever component on my Arduino to be compliant/compatible with versions later than 0013.

Thank you in advance for any help.

If you mean this board:


I've been using this board for around 3 years now and have had no problems running it on all versions of the Arduino IDE including the present V-22. You just have to select the proper board type and the proper comm port you are using and it will work fine.


Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately for me 0013 is the only version I’ve been able to get working with my board. The comment on their page concerned me when I read that it requires 0013 but from your experience I am hopeful.

Did you have to change anything in boards.txt or anywhere else to get it to work or did you simply unzip it and it worked? If you just unzipped the program and used it I think I may have a different IC than you have as I’ve read that some ICs require parameters to be changed in some .txt files in order to get things working. I’ve also read some posts that say that the “code” needs to be changed I’m assuming on one of the ICs, specifically the ATmega328P in my case.

I’ve tried selecting every different board possible and I’ve only got the one COM port so the port should not be the problem. The Arduino Uno USB works fine with 0022 straight out of the box but I’ve been brawling with this Freeduino now for two days and I can’t beat it on my own so I figured I’d ask for some much needed assistance.

Thanks again for any help offered.

The proper board selection is the second choice on board menu on version 22, Duemilanove...., that supports the 328p controller chip running at 16Mhz. No changes from the basic IDE distribution needs to be done.

Perhaps if you posted the error messages your getting we can get to the root of the problem you are seeing.


Thanks again for the reply. I'm sorry I didn't post the errors but I did get to the root of the problem, or at least I think I did.

With this board, the Freeduino Serial v2.0 from NKC Electronics, I selected "Arduino w/ ATmega328" as the board with IDE version 0013. It works perfectly with that although if I try to "burn the bootloader" that fails regardless of version. I don't know what "burn the bootloader" even means at this early stage in the game so I guess I'm not too worried about that just yet. The fact is I can upload sketches to the board which is what I want to be able to do.

As for my problems not being able to upload sketches with 0022. That problem is now corrected. I called a local electronics store here in MA and it was suggested that I change the baud rate to 57600 in boards.txt. After following that simple instrcution (it was 19200 by default for anyone wondering) it is now working with IDE version 0022. Oh yeah and I'm using "Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328" as my board with 0022.

I'm sure I will be back in 10 or 15 minutes with more questions but this huge hurdle is now behind me so I'm onff to find the next one.


Just for thoroughness in case someone finds this thread in google 2 years from now, the errors I was getting were mainly out of sync and protocol related errors. I could also upload a sketch (with the versions of the IDE over 0013) and have it seem to go to the board as it would finish uploading without complaining but the sketch would not run once it was on the board.

The part on NKC’s website was misleading and it should probably have read requires 0013 or higher as opposed to their wording of “requires 0013.” Had I read those words before making my purchase I probably wouldn’t have bought it which would have been too bad because I really needed a serial arduino which is difficult to find these days, and having read those words after my purchase I was scared I wouldn’t be able to use it for my project when it didn’t work out of the box with the out of the box IDE 0022.

Problem solved though now I gotta get onto the next hurdle. Be back soon…