nkc electronics protoshield

Any1 have a tutorial on here of the guy who designed this pcb a tutorial to solder this board up?

It’s probably not identical, but the adafruit proto shield is likely to be close enough that you can use its docs as a general guide.


got it working :)

Adding in on the same subject, I recently purchased the Mega-2560, and bought the Adafruit/NKC Mega protoshield, and sorry to say, I am a bit disappointed on the design. Mind you, I know the 6-pin ICSP header is in the middle, with the reset switch, but couldn't this have been re-directed outside the center area, making room for a Breadboard? (Like the Adafruit proto shield for the base Arduinos. )

But if you're using something like an Ethernet shield, those pins have to be in that location. If you are not going to use the ICSP pins for anything, just don't put them in the shield.