NKK ISC15ANP4 OLED Smartswitches


First post here... Know just enough to be dangerous. I have done several projects for various things such as replacing a defective logic board on my Jeep with an Arduino interfaced to the powertrain CANbus but my experience programming these devices from scratch is fairly limited.

Current project involves making a Bluetooth stereo for my Polaris RZR which also doubles as a winch and lighting controller and allows my colored LED lights to be music reactive.

System uses the excellent 4.3in sunlight readable capacitive multi-touch shield from New Haven but touch will only be for set-up screens and in depth stuff... Basic functions will be controlled by PBs for better operation in adverse conditions and with gloves. In order to make the button function context sensitive (and generally make everything cool) I am using Smart Switches from NKK... Specifically the ISC15ANP4 OLED part (https://www.nkkswitches.com/pdf/ISC15ANP4.pdf).

Not a lot of info online about them but I am trying to use this library which I am THINKING might work:

Does this seem like I am on the right track? Can't find much data on this library or if it will specifically work with this switch. I see in the .cpp file pin 48 and 49 are defined as serial clock and serial data but cant figure out where the signal for Data/Command (pin 6 on the switch) comes from.

What am I missing?