Nmea34 Stepper motor heating problem

Hi all,
We are using a Nema 34 stepper motor driving it using Leadshine M542 driver and arduino UNO.
24 V voltage and 4.2 A peak current being given.
Our motor lifts a metal frame for about a minute (it has to rotate about 1minute) and needs to hold it the 4-5 hours at fixed position.
Now it draws the same current when its running( lifting) and while its holding which makes it a continuously current drawing motor and becomes heated extremely as time goes.
Kindly suggest me a solution.

It is normal for a stepper motor to be very hot - uncomfortable to touch. Ensure the current limit setting in your stepper driver matches your motor.

If the motor is bolted to a metal support that will help to dissipate the heat.

A simple DC motor driving through a non-reversible worm gear is likely to be the most efficient way to hold a load for long periods as no power is needed to hold position.


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What is the part number of your stepper and can you post links to its data/spec sheet please?

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