No Access to uboot on Arduino yun


I recent received my new Arduino yun and for some reason couldn't resist doing what I was told not to do. I reflashed the uboot, and was in the process of doing the same for the kernels when it failed. I realized after even if it hadn't failed it would have been wrong as the tutorial I was following showed ar7**** as the uboot while mine displayed as Lin**** (**** is my way of saying I don't remember exactly...)

My issue is that I no longer have access to the uboot so I can't reflash a working linux environment. I appear to have full control of the 32U4 but can get no response from the linux side of the Arduino.

I've searched the web for days now trying to find a solution such as booting from external and things of that sort but the only thing i have been able to find involves removing the flash from the board then returning it once correct content has been added.

Notable symptoms are no blue lan led lighting under any situation. USB white led shines bright all the time ( have noticed it go dim after prolonged engagement of the yun reset button.) and of course no communication coming from linux through wifi lan or serial.

My only communication with the board is through micro usb and i'd prefer not having a $70 UNO!!! any help would be very appreciated.

And just a reminder i have intensely searched this topic for days now online so ive covered the whole check if its plugged in route.

I think I did the same thing to one of my two yuns. One of the guys in my maker space was able to recover the yun, but it required desoldering the Serial EPROM? in the aluminum box and reburning it with the data from a working yun

apparently the only way the Lunix side boots up is via that Serial EPROM chip