No "always on" or DDNS in India?

I'm baffled.

I find a lot of interest from people in the Indian sub-continent in the tutorial material I ppublish on the web.

But NO ONE has accessed my Arduserver demo from there.

Which leads me to wonder....

Are there limits on internet use in India which prevent people from playing with the little Arduino based webservers we've all been making for a while? Do people not have access to always-on internet connections. (Well... almost always! Supposedly "always" is enough!) To DDNS, to get past the problem of the fact that few home users have a static (external) IP address?

Is it simply forbidden by the more draconian governments there?

Why is the usual energy and enthusiasm and urge to self-development so often seen from that region not showing up in the make-your-own server area?

PS.. Oh! Yes! This is PARTLY shameless self promotion... so I guess it would help if I included the URL....