no audio from sparkfun wtv020

Hello everyone,
I’ve got a strange problem with a wtv020 board. I’m trying to build a dcf77 clock with hourly ander quarterhourly chimes, but the WTV refuses to work, even though the example of the wtv020sd16p library is fully working.
The example and my clock sketch are the attachments to this post.

In my clock program (a bit of Frankensteinisch, uncleaned) wich is working as far as dcf77 is concerned, I have copied the code of the example and made (void WTV()) space (near the end) for the audio bit. The program does visit the WTV() at the right moment and the serial.print also works, but the speaker keeps quiet. Can anyone help with what’s going wrong here? Moving the audio routines to the loop does not help. The only thing I can think of, is something from the dcf part interfering with the audio, but being a bit of a noob I can’t pinpoint the problem ::slight_smile:

Wtv020sd16pExample.ino (1.57 KB)

Simple_Clockdcfnew1.ino (11 KB)