No audio output from the Arduino Wave Shield using a Adafruit mic amp breakout

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start by saying that this is my first post on this forum ever, so I am sorry if it is sloppy/unhelpful. I have been working on the adafruit voice changer using an Arduino wave shield and an Arduino Uno (with the Atmega 328). My problem is that I cannot successfully output audio from my speaker when I talk into the Adafruit microphone amplifier breakout.

I have been able to successfully complete everything in the Arduino voice changer tutorial; including buying all the necessary parts, buying and assemblint the Arduino wave shield, and completing the original Arduino wave shield tutorial. Here are the links for the Arduino voice changer and original wave shield tutorials (just for reference if needed):

and here is the original Arduino wave shield tutorial:

I successfully completed the original wave shield tutorial; where the software found the 16KHz, 16-bit, mono PCM, WAV files that I put on the correctly formatted SD card. It then played all the audio files found on the SD card in a loop. This makes me believe that it does not have to do with the assembly of the Arduino wave shield. I attached a JPEG picture of the WAV files I have stored on my SD card below, called "WAV Files."

I am now at the final stage of outputting audio from the wave shield by talking into the adafruit microphone amplifier breakout. I followed the assembly instructions from the voice changer tutorial as best as I could (adding the adafruit microphone amplifier breakout, 10K potentiometer, and all the connections from the wave shield to the breadboard and the parts), but no audio outputs from the wave shield. After I successfully upload the adavoice sketch to my Arduino Uno (Adavoice Sketch available at: GitHub - adafruit/adavoice) and open the serial monitor, it gives me the message below:

Files found:
File: startup.wav
Pitch: 539

The serial monitor doesn't seem to be giving me any diagnostic messages. This makes me think that it will work, but like I said, when I talk into the microphone nothing happens. I believe it must be with how I wired the parts to the wave shield and/or how I wired the wave shield to the breadboard. I will attach photos of how I wired everything down below. Any suggestions or information would be very helpful, thanks for your time!

Serial Monitor Data.JPG