No available ports

Im using a Mac, and in tools>port it only shows my bluetooth ports. Therefore I cannot upload code to my Arduino Nano and pro micro? Used to work but today it won't :confused:
any suggestions

I also use my iMac vor Arduino-Projects (meanwhile M1-iMac) and it works with Nano and Uno quite well.
Depending on your model and chipset, this link with the driver might help:

so i just need to find the right driver for my mac / microcontroller?

If you cannot see the port appearing after connecting the board to your computer it means either you don't have necessary drivers, or the board is bad.

Try installing these drivers: CH341SER for MAC

Or the reset button on the pro micro needs a double tap on the reset button because it has got stuck in the wrong mode.

If you at anytime upload code with your setup then this is the most likely.