No BAUD RATE button in Communications Monitor

When I upgraded from IDE 1.8.12 to 1.8.13 my Communications Monitor tool changed its display such that the old BAUD RATE button in the lower right of the Com Monitor box was changed to a CLEAR OUTPUT button and now I have no way to set the baud rate of the Com Monitor to match the rate of my Sketch. What happened and how do i get the Baud Rate button back???

Are you using a small screen with the IDE reduced in size ?

Nope, 27" monitor, Communications Monitor at about 1/2 of the screen in H and W. Widening the screen does not cause the missing Baud Rate button to appear.

What is your OS ?

If it is windows I would be tempted to do a re-install after a through clean up.

One of these links shows how I do the clean up.

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It is Windows 10. I had removed the IDE and did a re-install. I will fallow your link to do a complete clean-up, then another install. I'll post back when I done. Thanks for the link

Windows has a package removal tool. Your comment, "I would be tempted to do a re-install after a through clean up" seems to imply that AFTER removing the Arduino there is more to do to get a " a through clean up". The link about how to use the forum is not real useful for figuring out HOW to to clean up whatever mess the Arduino removal process leaves on my computer.

Does anybody have advice on what is to be done to clean up a windows 10 computer of the (implied) residule detritus that Arduino fails to remove when it deletes itself?

Or, any other ideas about the missing Baud Rate Button in the Communications monitor?

I often test things here for Arduino so cleaning up is something I do a lot of.

In my case I simply use the FRE versions of CCLEANER and WISE REG cleaner which is enough to remove residual components such as paths etc.

The "windows removal" is very rarely a complete removal as any IT guy will tell you.

One I have cleaned up (which is a minimal procedure) I then do such re-installs as needed.
An alternative to my method is to use REVO which will do all the above in a single package but is a PAID program.

Many others have used the clean up method I used to get rid of IDE glitches and re-install's but that is up to you.

BTW do NOT install to your onedrive / network or similar cloud devices as they can also cause random issues with the IDE unless they are set up properly.