No breadboard adapter, what can i do?

Hi! I want to know if a breadboard can be powered through an arduino. I don`t have a breadboard adapter.
How i can use this without adapter?

Not sure what you mean. If you have to use a bread board, and I would advise against it, then just run wires from your Arduino to the bread board.

Actually, this is exactly what we usually do. The “breadboard adapter” is more for breadboard projects without an Arduino.

Pro Minis or Nanos (or Pro Micros) are designed to mount in a breadboard. You just power them via the USB cable and connect GND and Vcc pins on the board to the side power rails on the breadboard with jumper wires, then other components derive power or ground connections via those rails.

Note of course, that if you power the Arduino module instead via it Vin, its regulator cannot provide more than about 100 mA of 5V supply from Vcc. The USB cable however is good for at least 500 mA.

So, I must have a breadboard adapter

So, I must have a breadboard adapter


What do you want to do?

I want to use it for an alcohol sensor.
A friend said you cant work with a breadboard without his adapter, but this isnt powered by arduino through wires?

A friend said you can`t work with a breadboard without his adapter,

Get a new friend.

Thanks for answers

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Get a new friend.

The funny part is that you probably think he was kidding..

You would be wrong..