No cell phone - How to use 2FA

I have to be one of three people left in the world who does not have a cell phone. When I logged in just now, the forum asked me to set up 2FA where the second factor is an SMS to a phone. Won't work for me! What other options are there?

SMS to a phone is notoriously insecure. Why do people think it is a useful 2FA method?

Thanks - Bill Gee

Hi, Arduino doesn't use 2FA via SMS, it uses 2FA via Authenticator app, so you can use it without a SIM. Please read this blog post for more info:


Hmmm..... Remember what I said about NO CELL PHONE????

All of the authenticator applications mentioned in the blog article you linked will install only on IOS or Android. There are no versions of them for Linux.

I can scan bar codes (have to print them first) but have no way to deal with QR codes.

Bill Gee

Android is open source, you can virtualize it on your Linux desktop and install an authenticator app. You don't need a cell phone.
And some password managers can handle 2FA codes (e.g. Authy, Bitwarden and 1Password) and they runs also on desktop. So, you don't need a phone.

EDIT: Authy is quoted in the article and it is available on Linux: Authy Desktop now available in Beta for Linux - Authy


You don't HAVE to use 2FA for most of Arduinos site.

I run fine here without it as it is optional.
Most browsers also have the ability to ignore a 2FA request so also check your browser settings.


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