no COM ports on (PowerPC) iMac with OS X 10.4

Hi there,

My Arduino's (actually SquidBee's) are driving me nuts. By USB they connect fine to my Intel MBP with OS X 10.4 but don't show up as COM ports on a PowerPC iMac with OS X 10.4. I've tried installing the FTDI drivers that came with Arduino10 (v2.1.6) and the latest from FTDI (v2.1.9) on the iMac to no avail. They don't show up with an 'ls /dev/tty.*'.

Anyone experiencing similar issues? Any way I can check what driver version I have installed on the MBP? Not sure about that.

Thanks for any help!

nevermind... was being stupid and installed the drivers on the data HD partition instead of the system partition :-?