No connection - coverage status in Italy (Ivrea)

I have registered my MKR1200fox board and all seems ok but I'm not able to connect

On sigfox backed in the device list I see my board but communication status NO

Also moving the board and antenna out door nothing changes According to Sigfox coverage map my zone is covered and for link budget 20db I should see 2 base station (green in the map)

anyone knows if the Nettrotter service in Italy is working and succeed connecting to the sigfox network

thanks Davide

Hey, are you referring to the gray round dot graphic? when you hover over it, it says 'NO' ?

I have the device sending and receiving data fine here in the UK but the 'Communication Status' never seems to change.

Have you tried FirstConfiguration script?



Hi, have you sent a message through the sketch in the serial window?

In attach a screenshot of the output on a freshly new installed board.

Hi, problem seems fixed...magically !

Now I see the board registered in the sigfox backend with averageRSSI -112db and averag SNR 39db (indoor )

and my first config script provide a “Transmission ok”

I didn't make any change...2 days ago script was failing and no signal

now I can start play..quite impressive to transmit data without wifi or network operator support !

happy to hear :)