No connection in south Germany


I did setup my MKRFOX 1200 when I was in vacation in south France end of last year and everything worked immediately.
Now as I'm back home in Germany, I tried to build my own application, but it didn't work. Cause is that the Arduino doesn't connect to Sigfox in Germany. I tried again with the init program and got the following error:

Could not get any response from the server, Check the SigFox coverage in your area, If you are indoor, check the 20dB coverage or move near a window.

I moved a lot. Not only near to a window, I drove 50km and tried again and again, no network. According to the coverage map there should be basically network with small dots of no net.
Is the map completely wrong and Germany is basically not covered? I'm living near to Pforzheim.

Thanks for your help in advance !


Update 29.1.2018: For a while I was not sure if my board was broken, but finally I could transfer some messages. The coverage map seems to be totally wrong. There are only very few spots with reception. Basically it not usable in my region.

Hello Christof,

Indoor overage (20 dB margin) is indeed very spotty for now as you can see on the screenshot.
Coverage will definitely improve along the year.