No connection to computer

received my Arduino Uno yesterday, installed software today and connected uSB cable. On lample lights green and yellow light is blinking, but cannot connect to the computer


Please provide a detailed description of what you mean by "cannot connect to the computer".

but cannot connect to the computer

Please provide more information, are you not able to see the ports under IDE-> Tools> Ports?

  • Describe the behavior of L Led on pressing Reset Button. (It must Blink twice very fast).
  • Go to: Arduino IDE > File > Preferences > Show verbose output: Select both options: “Compilation” and “Upload”. Then try to upload the Blink example (Arduino IDE > Files > Examples > Basics > Blink) and please send to us the copy of the whole text shown in the console.
  • Connect the board to a different computer and check if it has the same behavior.