No connection to/with FT230X

Hi all, I'm using an FT230X in a design of mine (the selection of which was discussed in another thread).

However, I've got my boards back and assembled a few - but cannot communicate with the MCU at all, in fact - the FT230X does not even appear in the device manager as a COM port.

I've downloaded the latest driver installer package, installed those - but when I power and connect the device over USB (device has it's own power supply, but can be powered by USB) - I get no connection in the device manager at all. Here's the schematic, the board is 3.3V so 3V3OUT is tied to VCC, as 3V3OUT becomes an input at 3.3V.

Here's a capture from the schematic, all as suggested by the datasheet. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT - I've got the Rev D silicon by the way, as there was a bug in Rev B where VCP was disabled by default.

Problem solved... well, found.

I had named the USB ground net on one page, and linked it on another when laying out the PCB, which for some reason did not join the nets nor flag and error in EAGLE ERC, whether or not this is a bug I'm sure not - i'll need to investigate furthur on this.

It's fixable by bridging with a wire, but not good enough for me...

Odd, are you saying that the GND net had the same name on two sheets but was not connected on the PCB?


Sort of, yes and no.

One schematic page had all the through hole wire terminations for the board labelled up to their relevant nets, two of which were GND & USB GND, and also on that page was a net named USB_GND, which I had grounded using the USB pin, but there was indeed no connection to the actual ground net.

The only explanation I can think was that when the dialog box asking if I wanted to merge the nets, I must have by mistake hit 'no'.

I've not used Eagle so don't know about "merging" of nets, but why do you have 3 different names for the same signal. GND, USB GND and USB_GND.


You got me, forum typo - I don't have the three nets, just GND & USB_GND. The latter is merely just a name for the net for which the USB ground pad connects to GND.

The confusion I presume came from the fact there is no actual USB connector on the board, but rather wires - and in an attempt to name each pad in EAGLE, it seemed the most logical way - but clearly not.