No Delivery & No account access !!

I am writing this post because it's my last hope. :confused: :confused:

I have ordered two Arduino from the US Store. The expected date of delivery was 24th April to 2nd May.

I have checked the tracking link and the package seems to be stuck in Frankfurt. DHL cannot give me the location of the package due to the fact that it's being delivered with Global Mail, instead of Express. (I spoke to DHL and my local post office and no results for both)

Another problem I am having is, I cannot access the Account I have ordered with. When i want to reset my password, no email is being sent to me and the [u]Arduino Support is not replying to my emails[/u] at all.

[u]PLEASE HELP !![/u]

what else can i do ?

Did you use the support form on the store itself ?

Link here

You should understand that the people (including me) who contribute to this Forum have nothing to do with the store. We are just trying to help people get their Arduino projects working.


Hello @vf1103690

Did you manage to sort out your issue? If not you can PM me directly.

Many thanks,

The same thing happened to me

Lorenzogrosso06: The same thing happened to me

Have you followed the advice in Reply #3?