No desktop icon after install on Ubuntu 19.10

Hi - I'm having a devil of a time. I had installed 1.8.10 on my Ubuntu system, and somehow got things messed up and was getting a message about not being able to compile for Uno. Ran the script, then the both completed with no errors, but I didn't have a icon to start the IDE. Played with this a while and finally discovered that if I used the "Files" program and double clicked on a .ino file that the IDE would start up. Also, after searching here I can also run the "arduino" file in the installation directory and the IDE will start... but still no desktop icon.

Can any one explain to me how to create that icon?

Thank you,

Have you tried to create a link on the desktop that points to the IDE in the installation directory.

No longer an active Linux user, so can't advise further.

I didn't explain well enough... The installation of the IDE seems to have missed a step - creating the IDE icon in the "Hamburger menu. (That's what I'm told the nine dots down at the bottom left of the screen is called) So I don't have a way to start the IDE.

I've checked in ~/.local/share/applications and there is a arduino-arduinoide.desktop file, and it does have correct values for PATH and ICON. ...and I've rebooted the system to get the file read. Nothing. ???