No devices detect Bluetooth shield

I try to do a communication between the Arduino and the smartphone via Bluetooth.
I have been trying for a week but I am still unsuccessful.
I have researched the BT Shield, gone to their website for instructions, read through the Wiki, searched online for videos, forum, or instruction guides. But no devices ( Macbook Air laptop, PC computer, smartphone, tablet ) detect the Bluetooth shield. I was told that you might be able to help.

For the connection, I used:

  • Bluetooth shield seeedstudio V1.1
  • Cart Arduino uno
  • Software Tera Term

On my Bluetooth shield, there are 2 Bluetooth Jumpers
D7: Arduino TX => BT RX
D6: Arduino RX => BT TX
For the Bluetooth connection indicator i have switched towards A1 to turn feature ON

Attached you will find a photo of the assembly. I also tried it full in other ways, but this one is most often found on internet tutorials.

I tried different simple programs, found on the internet, and I uploaded them without problem on the card. The terminal Tera Term, displays “The slave Bluetooth is inquirable” as requested by the different programs. But no devices detect Bluetooth shield even when the 6V battery is plugged into the Connecter.

Do you have any ideas?


Marieroue: even when the 6V battery is plugged into the Connecter.

The picture is meaningless, and the above may be the only useful information, so what exactly do you mean by it?

What LEDs do you see when the power is turned on?

If there is a status indicator on the shield, I suggest you turn the "feature" OFF.

Thanks for reply ! The purpose of the picture was to show you how I had wired the whole. The Led D1 on the bluetooth shield seed studio flashes. And on the Arduino card the Led L is on.