No DTR Pin on Arduino Mega 2560 for connecting to CP2102

I want to connect CP2102 Usb2TTL to Arduino Mega 2560
But I couln't find a DTR Pin on Mega 2560.

Arduino Pro mini has the DTR pin and
I've connected Arduino Pro mini to CP2102 and they worked perfect.

So what should I do?

I do not want to program Mega 2560.
It is used to send and receive data to/from PC’s USB port.

You would only need to connect that pin if you want the Arduino to be automatically reset when the serial port is opened. The main reason you would want that behavior is so that you don't need to manually press the reset button when you upload a sketch to your Arduino. Since you're not using the CP2102 for that purpose just leave it unconnected. Do you know that you can use the onboard USB jack on the Mega to send data to your computer on Serial? Unlike the Pro Mini the Mega has the USB-serial components built in but of course you can use the CP2102 without any problems as well.

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Thanks fro your reply.

I use 2560 to send and receive data to/from a PC(windows xp) in a place that there are a lot of noises.
And when I use a USB cable for the connection,
the connection is lost several times per a day (PC reports not being able to access the serial port).
So I want to try TTL-TTL connection between 2560 and a pro mini on the PC side, for reducing USB cable length as much as possible.
There were no connection problem when I used an RS-232 cable to connect.
But there is no COM port and no serial pins on the PC board that I should connect to.

Is there a better way instead of TTL-TTL connection?

How much distance is there between the 2560 and the PC?

2 meters.