no experience in this field need help please?

I have a idea that I'd like to make there are tutorials all over for bits a pieces but I have no clue how to even begin so first I'll start by thanking you for reading. So my project is going to be an electric motorized skateboard, with a Wii nunchuck (wireless) as control. So I'm asking for help essentially with every aspect of the control of the board and which board to choose. I'm going to be getting 2 out runner motors and 2 ESC and power obviously but no idea where to go from here. I'd like to do one button as accelerate one as break and one as "cruise control" any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Wii nunchuck can be connected by 4 wires to an arduino, but if you want wireless then you are better off using the whole Wii remote. You need a blue tooth module at the arduino end to interface this.