No Feed yet?

I'm sure someone mentioned an RSS feed some time ago for new posts and I have to admit that it seems to me like a brilliant idea.

Maybe you would be able to subscribe to specific sections etc.

Anyone got any ideas if it's possible because I'm longing for one.

Who else is interested? I know the forums have just been sped up and are being shifted or something so I'm sure the mods have enough to deal with but it would be brill!


Yeah, the only thing close is the "RSS" link at the top of the list of forum names on the index page ( and on each section ( for Software, for example). But it only seems to gives you the last 10 posts on the entire board. You kind of have to check it pretty often to not miss anything, so it's not all that useful, at least to me.

I have to admit that I had completely forgotten about those feeds. The limit of the 10 last posts is annoying but it is better than nothing. Could the limit be removed by someone? Or a selection button for how many posts to display.


The other thing it doesn't do is repeat the post when someone has replied to it which is really something I would like it to do. I am always loosing track of posts when people reply to them.


I use Google Reader to view these forums, and it shows all new posts (as well as showing an archive of the old ones).

Only thing you can't do is to see replies, which is a shame, but I use the email notification feature to let me know when a post i`m interested in has been replied to. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Yes, I also use google reader but I would like to have all repied to topics in it as well. I have not been on the forums for ever so there are interesting topics that I have missed.


I use Google Reader also, but with the feed subscription that the forum generates for the 10 most recent posts:

Are you using something else that gives a better sampling of all posts?

I subscibe to each section seperately and then you get the 10 most recent posts from each section, that then gets you 30 posts if you subscribe to all of them.

I don't have a better way of doing it than that...


Well, that's better than the one for the whole forum. Thanks, I didn't know you could do that. (Like so much of the UI in YaBB, it's not obvious, at least to me.)

Yeah YaBB isn't brilliant but the mods are open to suggestions about a better forum type to port it to.