no feedback with the Bridge example

Dear all, I have an Arduino Yùn and I have a problem with the Bridge example. My Arduino is properly connected to the wifi network with this IP When I try to use the “Bridge” example of the IDE I see that the commands are executed but there is no feedback on the browser. Typing the command “arduino.local/arduino/digital/13/…” I see that the status of the LED 13 changes accordingly with the command but there is no feedback on the browser showing the current status.

Thanks in advance for you support.

What version of the Arduino IDE are you using?

If you are using the new IDE that supports the library manager, please upgrage the brdge library to the latest version and try again.

I was using the 1.6.3 and this was the problem. Now I have upgraded to the latest version and it works. I didn't think to the upgrade because I did it very recently and it didn't cross my mind to do it again. ;-)

Thanks Angelo9999.