No Folders in Mac for Arduino 18

I am trying to get El Escudo into the Hardware>Libraries in v 18. There are no folders to be found (unlike all previous versions). Where are they. (Hey I already feel pretty stupid so please don't rub it in :( Thank you!

In version 0018 they moved the Libraries into a folder Libraries in the arduino folder.

~/arduino-0018/libraries or something similar. There isn't a libraries folder in hardware anymore.

This, I assumed to be the case but after very thorough searches cannot find any folders related to Arduino 18. I have uninstalled and installed with fresh downloads to no avail. I have also looked in the Mac libraries and the 'duino 18 libraries are not there. Any other thoughts?
Thank you.

In the documents folder you will have a folder called Arduino. In that there will be a folder called libraries. Guess what you place there?

If you have wiped these folders then re create them. The contents of this folder are displayed when you choose the sketchbook menu option.

There is an Arduino folder in "Documents" that has sketches that "migrated" from previous versions of Arduino. Do I simply create a folder that is titled Library?

Tried that, the #include <EL_Escudo.h> does not show in the library

I put the El Escudo folder in the Arduino “Documents” folder. The El Escudo folder shows up in the “Sketches” menu but not in the “Import” menu. #include <EL_Escudo.h> this shows in the sketch but then I get this when I hit “Verify” : error: EL_Escudo.h: No such file or directory In function ‘void setup()’:
In function ‘void loop()’:

Do I simply create a folder that is titled Library?

No it has to be called "libraries"

Thanks Grumpy Mike! I originally created "Library" not "Libraries". The changed folder name did it! ;)