No GUI see attached file

I have lost GUI to this site see attached file

Try refreshing the page?

What operating system? What web browser?

Thanks for reply, nice that someone actually reads the messages and care.

Refreshing page ? How? (F5?) Did not try.
(just lost my text while selecting the black "shopping cart")
OS XP SP3 - and worked with the old site just fine.
Google Chrome

It worked when I first used the new format.
I got a page with about 4 posts and when I selected one I got "post quick reply" and had to scroll back to see the posts messages.
It used to be about 25 posts per scrollable page.
I got somebody's PM box and deleted them all to get rid of "you got mail" message.
I am getting no notification, but I can access my profile.
I did logged out and back in and got same sh..

PS Quick Edit - no reaction from page!