No idea how to connect SPI SH1106 to Arduino Mega 2560

I have bought this exact same OLED display: 1.3 inch OLED Display (SH1106, SPI/I2C, 128x64) | 102104 | Other by
I find no tutorials on how to use this one or even connect the pins where they should be.

Any help?


From the product page you linked :

"Driving the display with Arduino is very easy, this is an SPI interface display, just use the u8glib library, easy and fast."

Don't forget the level translation hardware.

Yeah, I am using the library, but what about the pins?

"The module’s default interface is SPI, however, you can switch it to I2C interface by changing the SPI resistor to I2C position at the back side. "

Start here

Yes, I read that. I understand what GND and VCC pins are, but where to I put all the others like CLK, MOSI, RES, DC and CS? I found no documentation on that. It is my first time trying SPI or I2C.
Also, I am looking for help and I have read product's page before writing here and found no guidelines.

MOSI means "Master Out, Slave In", so you have to use the 2560's MOSI pin (via level-translation - a simple voltage divider should suffice)
CLK is connected to SCK (again, via level translation).
DC is "Data/Command" and can usually be any pin (via...well, you get the idea), but you need to tell the library which.
CS is "Chip Select" and can be any pin, but tell the library.
RES is "reset" and can be any pin, tell the library.

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