No luck with nunchuck

Ive been trying to follow various tutorials and infomation from the playgroud about linking a wii nunchuck upto the arduino.

I'm using a duemilanove board and have the wires connected the same as this example which i believe to be right.

I want now to be able to read the data coming from the nunchuck and translate it to the digital out pins.

for example, tilting the nunchuck up turns on a red LED. and tilting it down turns on a yellow one.

I'd apreciate any help on doing this. Thanks. Oliver

Let's see your code so far. Oh, and what version of arduino's software are you using...there is a slight modification to make with windmeadow/node42's code with the latest version.

Are you sure you are supplying power to your nunchuck? That was my problem....

See the nunchuck_setpowerpins-function in this page: