No Mac serial ports

  1. I'm a new Arduino user and just received a Due.

  2. I installed IDE 1.8.5 on a MacBook Pro laptop with OSX 10.12.5.

  3. I installed the Arduino SAM Boards package through the Boards Manager.

  4. I connected the Due to the laptop USB port.

  5. I selected Due (Programming Port) as the Board, with the Tools menu.

  6. The Tools | Port option does not show any serial port. Only the Bluetooth port is active.

  7. I repeated this on a different Mac, a desktop. Got the same result.


I saw this was an issue in older posts, but no definitive answer was given.

I wanted to emphasize... I repeated the above steps on a different Mac, a desktop, and got the same result.

HELP please. I cannot use Arduino at all if this problem exists.

OK. I have tried to uploading the example Blink sketch to my new Due, using 4 different approaches, using 3 different computers, and they all involve a port problem. Each time, Arduino 1.8.5 and SAM Boards 1.6.11 was installed, and the "Arduino Due (Programming Port)" option was selected. Also, I had recently SUCCESSFULLY performed a clean OS install on each of the three computers, so I doubt that software on all three computers is defective. All other applications work fine on those computers.

  1. Mac laptop running OSX 10.13.

  2. Mac desktop running OSX 10.10.5.

  3. Second Mac laptop running OSX 10.10.5.

  4. Windows 10 virtual machine on the Mac laptop running OSX 10.13, and using VMWare 8.5 for the virtual machine.

Since the problem happens in all four approaches, is this a problem with the actual, physical Due board? Will Arduino send me a replacement Due?

I also executed the example Loop-Back Test Instructions.

It failed.

Maybe Arduino could provide a plug-in that insures that the USB port works correctly for each OS, especially Windows and Mac. This could be updated, as needed, per bugs reported on this forum and for each new OS release.

That's kind of dependent on the USB slave you plug in tho - FT232, Atmega8U2 or Atmega16u2, Atmega32U4, whatever the Chinese clones use (the 340 chip), CP2102 based adapters
etc., and the OS having the correct driver.

Arduino has agreed to replace my Due board, after multiple email exchanges requesting additional testing and information. Unfortunately, it's on backorder.