No Ping to UNO from IOS device

I have built a home automation solution with a combination of a Uno (v3) and Apache webserver. Through a windows pc it works very well. :D

But through an IOS device (iPhone 4 / ipad Mini) it does not work. :confused: The (Apache) website looks good but the url rederection to the Uno is not working. I can not ping the UNO from the iOS devices!! Under Windows, the website is working well and pinging is no problem.

Can someone tell me what the reason of this behavior is?

Is your IOS device connected to your home WiFi? If it is connected to any other LAN (like 3G/4G cellular or the neighbor's WiFi) you have to set up port forwarding in your router to reach the UNO from outside your LAN.

Johnwasser, Thanks for your comment.

The windows desktops using wired network connections. The IOS devices and a Windows 7 Laptop connect to the home WIFI. The home automation works fine on the Laptop. From the Laptop I can ping to the Arduino.

It's unlikely the issue is related to being an iOS device.

There's no magic here.

It is more likely you have a networking configuration problem. Either you aren't using the right hostnames / IP addresses, the network on your device isn't configured correctly, or as John suggests you aren't connected to the same network.

Also, you said ping. ping is a very specific network term. What App are using to generate a ping?

On the IOS devices I use the Ping Lite app. On the IOS devices everything works well (connect to local DNS-DHCP and mailserver/ Browsing internet/ RDP to windows cliënts / print to network printer, etc.etc.!) Only I cannot connect tot the the Arduino Uno.

What’s the IP Address and Router set to on each device: Windows, Uno, and iOS?

All fixed hardware (switches, PCs, printers, satboxes etc) have a fixed IP address. Gateway is (= router) Uno has a fixed IP address / 24. - 100 are reserved for all fixed addresses. The DHCP range is recorded from 101 to 160 Portable devices receive a DHCP assigned IP address.

It may help to post the code you are using on the Arduino.

spotter10: All fixed hardware (switches, PCs, printers, satboxes etc) have a fixed IP address.

The point of my question was to force the exercise. Go look and list them out right now. That verifies the networking aspect is correct.

And as Tim points out, maybe now is also time to look at the code you're using--even if its "based on the example."

In the Attachment is the code on the Arduino Uno wich I use. It’s not pretty but it works very well. After that I created a new html page (on the apache web server) which is nicer.

arduino_uno.txt (13.2 KB)

This is the current html page that I use from the web server

home9.txt (20.2 KB)

After reading some articles on the internet i have the problem solved by using DHCP and reservation on DHCP server!! It's not clear to me why this works and assigning a fixed IP address indicates many problems???