No Plugin Connection. Uploading is disabled until you reconnect (solved)


I am using Chrome on a Windows 10. I've had no problem with Arduino Create until a few days ago. Now, I am constantly getting the message "No Plugin Connection. Uploading is disabled until you reconnect".

I've repeatedly reinstalled the plugin using the link "Arduino Cloud - Getting started" I get when I click "Help" on the disconnect notice.

I've disabled both Windows Defender Antivirus and Windows Firewall as well as McAfee Virus Scan and McAfee Firewall.

When on, I received notice that the program had been quarantined, but whitelisting it does not help the situation.

I'd appreciate any help. AT&T (my internet provider and source of the McAfee protection was of no help.

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I am using the Arduino MEGA 2560

Mcafee is one of the more aggressive AV with Arduino software.
Also ensure it really was switched off as some AV remains active in what amounts to a TSR Terminate Stay Resident.

Be aware of USB 3.0 issues and use USB 2.0 where possible.

You didn't mention what type of board ?
Some of those that use micro usb connectors need a proper cable as some are power only and some are both DATA and POWER.

Just excluding the create bridge may also not be enough as its file locations / directories also need to be added to some AV.

Thank you, ballscrewbob! Turns out I was not properly whitelisting the app in McAfee.

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Marked for you.

Glad you git it fixed.

Enjoy ;D